About Us

Let's start with a fun fact, did you know that our name "boom" means "tree" in Dutch? That being said, boom is created by Maximum Image to make the transition to a fully sustainable future. Our mission is to only offer 100% sustainable products in the next years. However, this process takes time.

Yes, we could have created a tab "sustainability" on our website but the message would not be as strong. Maximum Image decided to launch a platform that focusses on offering sustainable products, but also on informing our customers why they should go for a sustainable product. We sincerely hope to make a positive impact together with our customers!

Boom your business in a sustainable way

We are on a mission to inspire our customers to consider buying a sustainable product instead of a conventional one. We even encourage them to buy less. "Less? What company wants to sell less products?" I hear you say? Yes indeed. If they invest the same budget in a better, more qualitative and sustainable product their impact will be signifcantly lower on the environment

How do we work?


1. Tell us what you are looking for

Send us as much information as possible, colors, sizes, logo, purpose of the products, etc.


2. We advice you

Our team of experts will get back soon with an offer and a selection of products that fit your needs. Our philosohpy is: we take care of your image, while you focus on your core business.


3. Order & delivery

When you are happy about the products, the offer and the design we put everything in production. Lead times vary from a few days until 3 weeks for the majority of the orders. Custom made orders require more time.

Get in touch!

How can we help your brand or business? Send us your question and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Looking for a quote that fits your needs? Send us as much information as possible and we will be able to help you very quickly.

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