Other Initiatives Explained


If you select products from the ‘Impact collection’ (E.g. bottles, bags, etc.) 2% of the turnover on these products is donated to Water.org. This organisation, supported by Matt Damon, is on a mission to provide access to clean and safe water in developping countries/areas. With the money they build proper sanitary infrastructure and infrastructure to collect and desinfect water so that it becomes available to the local people. Why is this so important? 785 million people have no access to safe water... Read more on https://water.org/

Let’s make an impact together!

Plastic Bank - Social Plastic

Certain products, especially in the merchandising category, are made of ‘social plastic’. This organisation aims to do something against the plastic soup and in the meantime create value to local people. Local employees retrieve plastic from the nature, recycle the plastic and give it a new destination like our merchandising products. The people are paid a fair wage in return. This way both our planet and the people benefit. Discover more on: https://plasticbank.com/social-plastic-partnership

Boom recycles your old clothes!

Did you now that we offer a service where we pick-up your old corporate clothing and recycle them? Our partner GAIA Circulair helps us with this process. The recycled clothing becomes new yarn, is given a new life or if it's really not usable anymore it will be taken care of in an eco friendly way.